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Pratham media is best Website Design and Development Company in Jaipur, India. The website assumes a significant role to showcase your item and services to your client. To make an online presence we need website design services where the user can sell their services and products to their user. The website ought to be user-friendly, quick in stacking and responsive. As per the need, the website might be a Static Website, Dynamic Website, E-Commerce Website or Wordpress Website. We all know the importance of the website design in our business. So it is profoundly recommended to have an online presence utilizing a nice website. The expense may fluctuate depending on the type of the website and functionality.

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Reasons Why a Website is Require for Business?

Website Presence

A website is best approach to tell about your products and services. The user can view services and item whenever.

Website is

It's very comfortable to sit at home and discover your products and services online rather than going out and visiting each store.


You can increase Credibility and Trust by including the testimonial and reviews of the user who took your services before.


When you online you can sell 24×7 to nearby and worldwide client. You can sale worldwide with payment gateway integrated in website. No stress over collecting the payment.


Once you are online. You can market your website through Google AdWords and Facebook like social platform. You can target user around the globe for your services

Think About User

You can think about the user who have visited your website. By including investigation apparatuses, you can see behavior of the user on website.

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Website Pricing



  • Static 5-6 Pages
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • 1 Year Maintanance
  • HTML5, PHP
  • 5 Banner Design
  • No Yearly Fees
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  • Unlimited Products
  • 1 mysql Database
  • 10 Banner Design
  • HTML5, PHP
  • Payment Gateway
  • 1 Year Maintanance
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What is the difference between web design and web development?

Website is made in two section, one is website design and second is website development. We see the website also arranged format containing the content and images that tells about the service or item that website offer. The page or format we can see is a piece of web design. They center around website look and feel. What's more, create shocking design by utilizing great Photoshop images with HTML, CSS and JavaScript like language. Website designer is much the same as the Building Architect.
The functionality and features of website that developer implement in programming language like PHP and MySQL is a piece of web development. The website developer put life into the website designer visual creation.

How long does it take to manufacture a website?

A website development time depends on numerous components like what number of pages on website. What functionality needs to implement. How much effort we need for designing work.
A five page website with average design can take around 2-3 days by single website designer.

What is Static and Dynamic Website?


Static Website: Once website is designed by website designer the information on the website are fixed and cannot be changed by the website owner. For any update they need to contact the web designer.

Dynamic Website: The part on website where we need frequent update generally develop as dynamic. Different functionality can be developed on website at the time of development. The website owner can change by their own.

What should be the Qualities of Best Website Designers?

A website with great SEO get the great ranking in Google search. An expert website designer make website in light of SEO. There are different on page SEO factors that ought to be consider while making website.

You will notice numerous website with very poor content, incomplete pages, invalid hyper connections, and content that not matches with there rest of the website content and service.
So a decent web designer takes care of it. What's more, use content as a communication language between website and user.

Keep Learning

A decent designer keeps learning step by step and attempting new things.

Discovering Solution

While developing website, many time website designer stuck in problem. A decent designer will discover the solution instead of its alternative.

Meet the Client Regularly

A decent web designer schedule meeting on regular premise to show the existing project and take necessary action on the website.

Communication Skills

An expert web designer takes client requirement and share the idea with the team. In this case in the event that designer clearly interact with the team, then team can implement it properly.

Know the market

A designer ought to have a decent vision of the market and make a design while considering the target audience at the top of the priority list.

Responsive Design

At present time around 85% of the traffic come from the mobile devices. So the designer ought to be expert in responsive design. The website design need to great in different screen sizes